curt_small1If there is a brand for pictures, people and portraits, it is named Curt Themessl. Born in Vienna and having grown up in the sixties, his passion for photography and the dream of freedom, light and esthetics pushed him to the top in his early days. In the domain of advertising photography Curt Themessl was the mastermind behind the transformation of the old “language of pictures” into a new, sophisticated way: bold statements, expressive themes and optimal light-setting had been rare qualities in the early days of digital photography. As a result a distinct style emerged over time. It unites esthetics, emotion and depth of focus which remains unique even today.

For Curt Themessl beauty is not a multitude of decoration, but an inner attitude, a character, which he “sees” and covers respectfully in a precise combination of proportion, form and light.

During the last years pictures of clouds became more and more of a focal point. They are not only a lifelike reproduction of cosmic phenomenon but also allow one to expand a view for multiple interpretations. Curt Themessl is covering clouds as main actors of his own realities. They remind us of higher forces and create impressive emotional atmospheres which are appearing every day in the sky but usually remain unnoticed.

words/translation: Mag. Amadea Susanne LINZER, Vienna, 2015